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Welcome to McHenry IDPA!

Thank you for your interest in McHenry IDPA!

We run matches at On Target Range on the second and fourth Wednesdays every month. Pre-registration is required and walk-ins will be turned away without exception. We appreciate that there is strong demand for defensive pistol competition in our area and strive to support that interest; however due to capacity constraints, our matches fill up very quickly. There are not enough slots available to accommodate all interested shooters, and we are sorry if you are not able to register.

Prior experience in shoot on the move or action pistol competition, and/or formal training in drawing from a holster and shooting on the move is required to participate or become a member. We reserve the right to refuse participation if you cannot provide evidence of this, or if you are shooting in an unsafe manner. We are no longer holding New Shooter Orientation.

There are many classes that qualify for this requirement, including On Target’s Holster Drills class. A calendar of On Target classes can be found here.

General pre-registration will start at 8 PM the Sunday preceding each match.
Match announcements will be sent to our e-mail list and posted to this website 1-2 days before pre-registration starts. Each announcement will contain an unique link to Eventbrite that must be used to register for that match.