September 27, 2023 IDPA Match Registration

You are invited to our next non-regularly scheduled IDPA match on Wednesday September 27th at Northshore Sports Crystal Lake, 560 Beechcraft Lane, Crystal Lake, IL 60012.

Set-up begins at 5:30pm and we will start shooting once set up is complete. Please show up early to set-up stages and you are expected to stay after the match to put equipment away. Anyone leaving before all equipment is put away will run the risk of being denied entrance to the next match.

Prior action pistol competition experience and/or formal training in drawing from a holster and shooting on the move is required to participate. We reserve the right to refuse participation if you cannot provide evidence of this, or if you are shooting in an unsafe manner.

Registration for members will open at approximately noon the Friday before the match. General registration begins at 8AM the Sunday before the match and ends at 8PM Tuesday before the match. Walk-ins are NOT allowed.

NOTE: WE CANNOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN THE MATCH BEING CANCELLED! We reserve the right to cancel the match at anytime. Attendees WILL be issued a refund only if the match is cancelled.

Click HERE to visit our Practiscore page to register!

Looking forward to seeing you on the range.

McHenry Shooting Sports